Safer recruitment – don’t forget the basics just because we are in a skills shortage

Safer recruitment – don’t forget the basics just because we are in a skills shortage

September 29, 2021

The pressure to attract and hire staff is immense but in the need to hire we must make sure we don’t forget the basics.

Safer recruitment requires that EY providers must ensure that people looking after children are suitable to fulfill the requirements of their roles. Are you meeting those rules? Do you have a safer recruitment policy statement in place?

Your statement should set out your organisation’s commitment to:

  • safeguarding and protecting all children and young people by implementing robust safer recruitment practices.
  • identifying and rejecting applicants who are unsuitable to work with children.
  • responding to concerns about the suitability of applicants during the recruitment process.
  • responding to concerns about the suitability of employees and volunteers once they have begun their role.
  • ensuring all new staff and volunteers participate in an induction which includes child protection.
  • a list of the supporting procedures that accompany the policy.
  • the date the policy comes into force and when you will review it.

Below is what must be included in your safer recruitment procedure

  • Carry out an up-to-date Enhanced DBS check or establish that the DBS is clear on the DBS Update Service.
  • Make sure no one awaiting the DBS works with children alone.
  • Use application forms rather than CV’s to demonstrate safer recruitment.
  • Keep notes from interviews to show you followed a robust recruitment and selection process.
  • Obtain up to date references and retain these.
  • Early Years providers must keep records of all people working including volunteers and students who have regular contact with children.
  • Checks and copies of professional’s qualifications.
  • A check to see if person has right to work in the UK.

Remember during any Ofsted inspection, an Ofsted inspector will look at safer recruitment procedures and ensuring the right steps are in place to safeguard children. If you’ve not taken up references expect to be found out. Whilst no requirement to have a single central record, they can be useful.

Also, are all new employees being given a full induction process specifying safeguarding and child protection responsibilities and procedures that are to be followed.

If we can be of any assistance with any aspect of safer recruitment, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01527 909436.


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