Give your employee your full attention

Give your employee your full attention

April 20, 2024

When it comes to management one of the greatest offences we can commit as a manager is to give our employees only half our attention. It is both an offence to the employee and to ourselves.

So what do I mean by ‘give your employees your full attention’.

Great relationships are build on great environments. We can’t expect to keep great people if we do not treat them with the respect they deserve. Here’s some examples of not giving your employee your full attention, yes they are real examples of poor practice that I have seen in my career.

  1. Not remembering that you have a new starter today
  2. Answering a phone whilst talking to an employee
  3. Suggesting an employee says what they need whilst you are clearly on the phone to someone else.
  4. Continuing to type that email whilst you ask the employee what they need you for.
  5. Talking to someone else in the room whilst your employee is speaking to the room.
  6. Not looking at your employee whilst they are speaking to you.
  7. Turning your back to your employee whilst they are speaking to you.
  8. Talking over your employee
  9. Cutting someone short and asking for an email.

Some of these are shockers aren’t they.

As HR Consultants we often hear complaints that employees are observing the employment relationship in the way the manager expects. Sadly, we have to explain to managers from time to time that they are the problem.

So how can you find out how you are doing as a boss?

  1. Ask yourself. Be your own coach. Reflect on your own performance and ask yourself critical questions.
  2. Ask your employees. Create an environment where your employees can tell you what they need from you and seek feedback on your own performance.
  3. Ask a trusted colleague. It may be someone leading another department, but it must be someone who sees you in action if you want effective feedback on your performance as an attentive manager.
  4. Read. I’ve always said to firms that can’t afford training, can you afford a book? A £10 management book can give you an insight into great leadership and time spent reading books is always an investment.
  5. Watch Youtube. I know this one is a bit out there. Increasingly leaders are being interviewed on podcasts and these are uploaded to Youtube. It can be a great, free resource for any manager looking to find out how they are performing as a boss, seeing how those who are best in class are doing it and what you can then ‘swipe and deploy’.

Being a great boss requires you to build great relationships. In sectors where service is your business, you cannot build a great business without recruiting and retaining great people. We know you don’t retain great people if you are not a great boss.

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