Supporting a bereaved employee with their religious observance

When someone dies relatives will want to ensure that they follow the family’s customs and traditions when it comes to the death. For many people their family customs and traditions involve religious observance, and as an employer we need to be informed as to what our employee’s might request under religious observance when they are […]

TUPE – Did you know that failing to comply with it could cost you £500 per employee?

When an employer thinks of the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE Regs) and employees, there is a natural assumption that it will be about employee rights. This is largely true. However, under TUPE a failure by a seller transferring a business to another party to provide the employee details, aka employee liability […]

The Great Resignation arrives in Day Nurseries, Pre-schools and Out of School Clubs

Today, like many Mondays, we arrived at work to requests for letters to acknowledge resignations. It’s sad. The term “The Great Resignation” was first coined in the US in May 2021 and refers to the unprecedented rise in the number of workers resigning from their jobs following the pandemic.  It is said that during the […]

An Employee Handbook – A Manager’s Friend?

A Early Years’ Manager recently asked us about how to handle a flexible working request (FWR) and to provide them with guidance on how to follow a FWR through from start to finish. They were genuinely surprised when I referred them to the employee handbook in the first instance. While the handbook is primarily to […]

Hints and tips for Supervisors on addressing performance concerns

Here’s some hints and tips for Supervisors on addressing performance concerns. We know its never easy to address concerns you may have with one of your team’s performance, but it is an important and necessary aspect of management, and one that can bring huge benefits if tackled correctly. Early intervention The longer a performance issue […]

Employing Ukrainian Nationals in your Day Nursery, Pre-school or Club

We are all seeing on the news at the moment of the war in Ukraine and we all want to help in some way. Here at Redwing, we have been getting questions from Day Nursery Owners about recruiting Ukrainian nationals that are currently in the UK. The simple answer is yes, you can recruit Ukrainian […]

Why a verbal resignation is only worth the paper it is printed on!

We recently dealt with a case where an employee remarked as she was going on maternity leave, that she intended to resign and would not be back. Simples, thought the boss! Now 9 months later the manager has received an email from the employee saying that she wants to return to her job at the […]

Conflict at Work

One of the areas of stress at work that we deal with most often as HR Consultants, is the stress that comes from someone not dealing with conflict in the workplace. People fear conflict. Yet you will always get conflict no matter how much you try and avoid it. Conflict occurs as team members are […]

Supporting an employee through a miscarriage

Sadly miscarriage is very common. It affects around 25% of all pregnancies and it is highly likely that you will know someone who has had a miscarriage. It may even be you  As an employer we are not taught how to support an employee through miscarriage and this article seeks to give you a step-by-step […]

It’s like I’d asked her to catch tuna with a hula hoop!

From time to time we hear a phrase from a Nursery Manager that makes us smile and think in equal measure. That’s exactly what happened this morning when I read that a Nursery Manager was frustrated that her employees would react negatively to her requests as if she had asked them to “catch tuna with […]

What can you deduct in terms of National Minimum Wage?

We’ve been analysing queries we receive here at Redwing and have noticed that many of you have questions about what you can deduct when someone is on or near the national minimum wage. In December 2021, another list from the HMRC where it names and shames the employers who have breached the national minimum wage […]

More reasons to be careful when employing self employed contractors

It’s long been the case that self employed contractors could be deemed workers under employment law. You will have heard of many a ‘horror story’ where the self employed contractors were happy until the day came when they weren’t. What followed was an employment tribunal application that lead to a finding that they were workers. […]

Should an employer share a confidential reference?

You may well expect that all employees have the right to access information that their employer holds about them and many of you will have had a Subject Access Request (SAR) where the employee wants to see the reference that was written about them that has resulted in the withdrawal of a job offer. For […]

If you are thinking of giving signing on bonuses, read this first.

Signing on Bonuses

In recent months we have seen increased number of employers across all sectors (including Day Nurseries) offering signing on bonuses, otherwise known as Golden Hellos, to secure new employees. There are a few things the employer needs to know about these bonuses before this practice is adopted in an organisation. Consider whether this is a […]

Are people letting actions speak louder than words?

Are people letting actions speak louder than words

One thing we’ve all noticed as HR Consultants here at Redwing Solutions is the increasing numbers of employees who, rather than talk to their employer about an issue, choose to vote with their feet. It’s led us to ask this question, “Are people letting actions speak louder than words?” So far this year we have […]

Employment Law Changes from April 22

Employment law changes

We all know that April is a common time for employment law to be revised and 2022 looks to be no different. Here’s a quick round up of what we can expect to be changed from April 2022: New rates of National Minimum Wage. New Statutory Payments, SMP, SSP etc are all increasing in April […]

5 Things to consider before closing your Day Nursery or Pre-school

Closing your day nursery

Before any big decision such as closing an existing operation, the owner needs time to consider what steps will be necessary in order for the action to be completed as smoothly as possible. In this article we will consider the 5 things the owner needs to do before closing their day nursery or pre-school: Could […]

How does maternity leave impact pay rises?

How does maternity leave impact pay rises

In terms of pay increases they can happen for a variety of reasons but the most common in terms of childcare are the following: Due to an increase in the national minimum wage To recognise performance Due to promotion or increased responsibility Timing wise pay rises can occur throughout the year but since the introduction […]

What does the end of self isolation mean for Early Years?

What does the end of self isolation mean for early years

The Government has announced that it plans to remove the requirement for those who contract COVID-19 to self isolate early. Rather than 24th March 2022, this could be brought forward to as early as 24th February 2022. Given that they have been talking about the need to self isolate if you test positive for COVID-19 […]

Help, our pregnant employee is underperforming?

Help, our pregnant employee is underperforming

There’s an urban myth that you cannot tackle a pregnant employee’s underperformance. It’s not true but you need to do so in a fair manner. Firstly, sit down with the pregnant employee and discuss your concerns in a tactful manner. Questions should be framed in terms of showing empathy and support for the employee and […]

Can we deduct childcare costs from wages?

Deduct childcare cost from wages

As a rule, there is no automatic right to offset outstanding nursery fees against an employee’s wages. One must remember that whatever may be agreed, the right to make a deduction from an employee’s pay is not without limits. First of all, fees owed for childcare are those of a client and should be viewed […]

Be Slow To Anger

Be slow to anger

This week I heard a phrase that resonated with me as both a HR Consultant and a Business Owner. Be Slow to Anger. This I found to be a very powerful phrase. All too often I come across situations where Business Owners will have served their Companies and themselves best if they had been slower […]

Can we make it a requirement that staff are vaccinated in our Day Nursery?

Can we make it a requirement that staff are vaccinated in our Day Nursery?

This is a question we’ve been asked several times this week (and it’s only Wednesday!). Vaccines are not mandatory for the population in the UK and we do not expect to see vaccines made mandatory for staff who work in education or childcare. Unlike care homes that have had mandatory vaccination for those who come […]

Trips, slips or falls what do we need to do if this happens in our Nursery?

Accidents, trips, slips and falls

There have been one or two calls recently where employees have suffered mishaps in the Nursery. What needs to be done when someone suffers an injury at work? First, tend to the person and ensure they get the right treatment. Call for the first aider to render assistance as is appropriate. All that’s been done, […]

Changes to Self Certification and Reclaiming COVID SSP under the Rebate Scheme (SSPRS)

Statutory Sick Pay SSPRS

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the Omicron variant, the Government has announced a temporary change to the sickness absence reporting regulations and the reintroduction of the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme (SSPRS). What do these changes mean for employers? 1. Sickness Absence Reporting Regulations The Government has extended the […]