Developing a wellbeing culture

Developing a wellbeing culture

November 26, 2022

All employers, big and small are thinking about what they can do to create a wellbeing culture in their workplace. There are a few things that employers can do to embed a wellbeing culture in 2023. Here’s our favourites:

  1. Encourage conversations on wellbeing at Supervisions and 121’s. Employees benefit from you catching up with the person before the post. The best conversations will be employee led, which supervision meetings are, and will create an environment where the employee feels safe to share how they are finding their wellbeing.
  2. Be able to sign post the employee. Good employer’s are looking to sign post employee’s to services that could assist them with their overall wellbeing. Manager’s shouldn’t look to solve the problem’s employees have but they can sign post the employee’s to services that can help them.
  3. Introduce an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). An EAP can provide pro-active as well as reactive information for employees to assist them with their overall wellbeing. EAP’s also produce posters and articles which are sent to the employer to share on notice boards etc with their team.
  4. Encourage training. Employer’s will often see a benefit of the Mental Health First Aider training, but if this is too much for you there is also Mental Health Ambassador training. This is great for line managers. We undertook an ACAS Mental Health for Managers course recently over 2 mornings and found it very informative.
  5. Remember your own wellbeing. Your working hours, whether you take work home, whether you ignore the signs when you need to rest and reset and whether you are moving enough. As managers and leaders we need to consider our own wellbeing as well as that for others.
  6. Hygge and cosiness. We have a Hygge office where we value cosiness. We are fortunate enough to be able to work in an environment where we can see nature everyday, and hear the donkey most hours! Creating an pleasant calming working environment is important for staff wellbeing. Much has been written about the benefit to an employee of working from home. Less is written about the importance of a working environment at work that supports team work and collaboration.

If we can be of any assistance as you consider your wellbeing strategy, please call us on 01527 909436.

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