Inspiring and Retaining Your ‘Gen-Z’ Talent

Inspiring and Retaining Your ‘Gen-Z’ Talent

November 9, 2022

Generation Z, the future of our work force. Who are they and how do you inspire them to ensure you are retaining the top talent within this demographic?

Up until 2020, the Gen-Z demographic made up around 20% of the UK workforce. Moving into 2023 we predict that number is higher as more Gen-Z school leavers and post-graduates enter the working world.

Generation-Z – Who Are They?

Those born between 1995 and 2010 are classed as ‘Generation-Z’ or Gen-Z if you want to sound really cool!

These are the ones that when the Manager sings “Morning Campers! Hi De Hi” they look back at her blankly wondering what just happened.

Unlike the generation before them, known as ‘Generation-Y’ or ‘Millennials’, Gen-Z were born into an era where technology rules the world. They are tech-savvy and unlike previous generations, they have the ability to utilise their social media platforms to highlight important topics and generate conversation amongst society.

However, some may argue that social media is a hindrance to the tech-savvy generation, as it applies pressure for them to portray themselves in a way that mimics the lifestyles of the influencers they follow. As a result, some find themselves ‘job hopping’ hoping to find the perfect job that meets all their needs, when in reality it doesn’t usually work out that way.

Retaining your ‘Gen-Z’ Talent

Generation Z are the future work force and with the inspiring leaders coaching them, they can deliver some amazing results within the workplace. Here’s our top tips on how to attract and retain the best Gen-Z talent:

1.     Be Creative with Your Recruitment

There is currently a lot of job choice out there, meaning job seekers have the upper hand when it comes to finding the right employer. To attract the best talent, you need to stand out from your competitors. Utilise social media to gain the attention of the Gen-Z demographic and be creative with your application/ interview process. Can you use video to induct them? Tiktoks to attract them, use apps for them to access policies and procedures. First impressions of a business are formed from as early on as the job advert, so ensure it’s written in a way that’ll pique the interest of the best candidates.

2.     Find Out What Motivates Them!

Talk to your teams. Promote open, casual conversations to really get to know your employees and what makes them ‘tick’! Once you know what motivates your employee, you can tailor your approach on how you develop them to keep them engaged and reach their personal goals.

3.     Inspire Them to Lead Themselves!

As managers, it’s important to know when to set the boundaries and when to let employees lead themselves. Of course, it’s essential to have fixed processes in place for certain things but there may be ideas younger employees suggest that you have never thought or heard of. Encourage them to contribute ideas that may improve the function of the business or service you deliver; it gives them something additional to be accountable for, that overall may prove successful for your business.

4.     Utilise Their Knowledge of Tech!

They are the ‘Tik Tok’ generation! The ones who understand viral trends and how to navigate their way around most social media sites. Use that to your advantage. Is there an opportunity for them to help market your nursey setting or business? Are they able to do some training with the less ‘tech-savvy’ staff? Can you use this knowledge to help with your recruitment strategy?

5.     Don’t Forget to Check In!

We’re living through crazy times right now and certain pressures can be a lot for some of your younger team members who, as we’ve previously acknowledged, may strive to portray a certain lifestyle. Regular check in’s during your supervisions are important, praise them when they are doing a good job, and offer wisdom and advice when it may be needed. Utilise your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) if you have one, to ensure that their mental health and wellbeing is taken care of.

If you need any further advice on how to get the best out of your ‘Gen-Z’ employees, give us a call on 01527 909 436. We will be covering Motivating Generation Z in December’s bundle of the GROW Programme

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