Before you start – Get your paperwork in order!

Before you start – Get your paperwork in order!

April 20, 2024

We often get asked what should we do when we start hiring people before an issue occurs. Our number one piece of advice is to get your paperwork in order. All HR folk love a nice fat personnel file afterall.

Having the info in one place

Our first tip on this subject is to have your info in one place. If no other reason than to ensure that you don’t inadvertently breach Data Protection. As a manager you definitely don’t want bits of info in lots of different places. Depending on the size of your operation you may need to keep ‘local’ files for training etc, but personnel information should definitely live in one place. Lockable filing cabinets with individual files are more secure than a ring binder with a sleeve per employee.

Consider access

Once you have consider where you will keep your employee info you should consider who will have access. You may not want to have managers having access to their own personnel file for example. If you need managers to have limited access, we advise you consider use of a HRIS such as Breathe HR.

What info should be on a personnel file? (not an exhaustive list)

  • Application Form
  • Interview notes
  • References
  • DBS Number
  • Training Certificates
  • Statements of Fitness for Work
  • Self Certification Forms
  • Holiday Requests
  • Letters of Offer/Written Statements of Terms and Conditions
  • Employee Personal Details Form inc Next of Kin info.
  • Induction Records
  • Supervision Records

What are the key pieces of information you need before an issue arises?

There are a few key pieces that you must be able to have to hand when an issue has occurred. These include:

  • Start Date
  • TUPE status (Did this employee TUPE over and therefore have different T&Cs than other employees?)
  • Do we know that these employee has a disability? This may be that there are reasonable adjustments to consider when handling this issue with the affected employee.

Other reasons to be organised

As an employer in a regulated sector you can expect that during an inspection you may be asked to provide evidence from a personnel file. Therefore having an organised, and retrievable data system you are going to be much less stressed, able to respond promptly and able to give confidence to the inspector in question.

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