Prepaid Adhoc HR

Prepaid Adhoc HR Support

This is adhoc HR support to deal with an HR issue bought by the hour. If you need multiple hours change the number in the basket at checkout.


Product Categories: Adhoc HR Support

Product Description

This is our prepaid adhoc HR support for non retained clients. We feel we would like to offer non retained clients an opportunity to get specialist advice on an employment matter where you control the cost. Purchased in units of 1 hour. When you check out buy as many units of time as you may require. Please note – handling complex cases particularly when it comes to terminating an employee from your employment, or handling a difficult and protracted grievance, are not matters that can be handled in 1 hour. You are paying for our expertise and time with adhoc HR support and we will record all time spent on your timesheet. Whether it is 10 minutes reading your notes, or 15 minutes on the phone. If you require us to write a letter for you it will be the time spent, if we use a template you will pay for our intellectual property. Unlike others we do not charge in 15 minute increments, if the call is 6 minutes, it is 6 minutes that goes on the timesheet. Any time unused expires 12 months after purchase. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation conversation, known as a Strategy Call, where we can discuss about how much time may be needed for your project before purchasing time.