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If you have a number of delegates with a shared training or development need, Redwing Solutions will design a workshop specifically to meet your requirements. Just let us know how we can assist you.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Recommended online courses

This ADHD Awareness course has been designed to provide learners with an understanding of what ADHD is, what the potential causes are, and how to manage problem behaviours and support a child with ADHD at school, at home, and in social situations.
An online course designed to help learners develop their awareness of what causes anaphylaxis, identify the common symptoms of allergic reactions and anaphylactic shocks and understand how to administer first aid, including auto-injectors, in an emergency situation.
This Anti-Bribery training course aims to provide organisations with guidance on the Bribery Act 2010 and highlights the importance of ensuring relevant policies and procedures are put in place.
An online course designed to help learners recognise the challenges faced by children with autism so that they can better support them in their setting and help them to reach their full potential.
This Bullying and Harassment online training course has been designed to teach managers, supervisors, and HR staff how to tackle bullying and harassment at work. The course informs learners about the laws relating to bullying and harassment, the obligations of employers, and the steps needed to foster a healthy culture at work.
An online course designed to help professionals understand why children behave as they do, react appropriately, communicate effectively and help the child to improve their challenging behaviour.
This Complaint Handling course is designed to train people who are in a customer service or specific complaint handling role to properly deal with complaints that their business may receive.
This conflict management training course is designed to help both employers and workers understand how to prevent, deal with and report confrontation in the workplace.
This COSHH training course gives employers and workers the information they need in order to comply with regulations in the workplace. It explains how to provide adequate control of employees’ exposure to harmful substances through methods of prevention and monitoring, details the control measures needed and advises on how to minimise risks.
An online course designed to teach you about infection, covering the chain of infection, how to break the chain, best practices in hygiene and PPE and the importance of risk management. This course provides you with the knowledge you require to play your part in infection prevention and control within your work setting.
An online course designed to help learners understand their responsibilities under UK data protection law and the GDPR. The course explains how to collect and process data in accordance with the law, obtain appropriate consent, ensure data security and comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act.
An online course designed to help those with a designated child protection role to understand more about their responsibilities, including implementing effective safeguarding practices in the workplace, recognising and responding to abuse, working with other services and sharing appropriate information.

The SHINE Programme

Our online training programme for Room Leaders.

Finding the perfect, experienced Room Leader can be stressful! What if they don’t fit in with the existing team, what if they aren’t able to supervise their colleagues effectively, what if they don’t solve problems, but cause new problems instead!

The GROW Programme

Our online Early Years Owner and Manager Group Coaching Programme.

Having access to management training in monthly bundles enables you or your Managers to refresh your understanding of management topics in ‘bitesize’ chunks and not become overwhelmed. Our Coaching Programme aims to give you confidence to manage people.

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