Why asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness

Why asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness

January 17, 2021

“Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto”. This is a phrase I have heard many times in the last 10 years. I even had it as a sign on my wall at one point. Its definitely something I need to remind myself of from time to time especially when I find myself expressing another popular phrase “I’ll do it myself it’ll be quicker”.

As Business Owners we must ask for help and to see it as a strength rather than weakness.

What does delegate really mean?

To delegate means to give responsibility. Let’s think about that for a minute. When we give responsibility to others what do we do to them? Well amongst other things:

  1. We challenge them, we raise them up.
  2. We motivate them, they feel involved.
  3. We teach them new things, sometimes even about themselves.
  4. We get a different perspective, one that could be better than our own.
  5. We give them opportunities, doors open.

Doesn’t that sound like a desirable list. Imagine how much better you will be treating your employees if you create opportunities for them as described above by delegating.

The other thing that delegation does is to serve the delegator.

You shouldn’t be doing £10 tasks

Let’s face it, as the Business Owner your time should be preserved for activities that drive your business forward, not what we describe as £10 per hour tasks. You may want that wall scrubbed to get the dirty marks off, but is it really where your time should go. If you were driving the business forward you would be as Michael Gerber of E-Myth describes “working on your business rather than working in it”.

What can I outsource?

Here’s some ideas of tasks you can outsource.

  • Book-keeping
  • Payroll
  • HR (just thought we’d throw that in there!)
  • H&S
  • Admin (Virtual Assistants can be anywhere in the world. We use to get anything from a diagram drawn to a PowerPoint slide show created)
  • Accountancy
  • Web Design and Website Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

Make sure when you delegate you know enough about what you have delegated to know if the job has been done right. We have all fell foul of this in the past and its incredibly important if you don’t want to regret the decision you made to delegate in the first place.

If you need any assistance with any aspect of HR or employing others please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 306066.



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