What’s the difference between Appraisal and Supervisions?

What’s the difference between Appraisal and Supervisions?

July 1, 2015

We are often asked what’s the point of having annual appraisals and more regular supervision meetings. The answer is that they are different and in this week’s blog I hope to explain why.

Appraisals are as old as the hills. The idea of reviewing where an employee has been in order to plot where they are going has made sense as a performance management tool for many organisations, in many different sectors for generations.  Appraisals are frequently annual and can be linked to pay or development/training. When linked to pay they will be often be accompanied by an Appraisal Policy which will include an appeals process if the employee is dissatisfied by the pay award. In recent years this design of appraisal has become out of favour, probably as pay awards have been hard to achieve!

Annual appraisals are popular with Line Managers and importantly are led by Line Managers. The Line Manager sets the agenda, the Line Manager completes the appraisal form, and the Appraisee agrees or disagrees with the objectives they have set together.  It’s a process that belongs to the Line Manager and they will often set the date for the appraisal interview.

With supervision, the meeting is not led by the Line Manager. The supervision meeting should be led by the supervisee. The supervisee will set the agenda and will often lead the conversation. The frequency of supervisions may be agreed with the Line Manager but there is also good reason why an individual can seek a supervision with their Line Manager at other times.

Whilst a more recent introduction in childcare, supervisions have been in the caring sectors for years and years. Being able to talk your supervisor through your case load and the impact it is having on your own mental well being has been a valued contribution to the health and social care sector for a very long time.  Its brilliant its now common place in childcare.

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