What if I have an employee intending to travel to a red list country?

What if I have an employee intending to travel to a red list country?

November 26, 2021

The latest news is that six countries have been placed back on the red list of countries where a return to England from these six countries means compulsory quarantine for travellers.

This may impact your business if you have employees who are currently overseas or who plan to be overseas during the festive period. It is uncertain how long these restrictions will be in place, but with less than 4 weeks till Christmas it is reasonable to assume that these will still be in place till the New Year.

Here’s some pointers for employer’s in this situation to consider:

  1. Your employee may request that you cancel their annual leave as they will no longer be travelling. This may be the best outcome for you and your employee and employers are encouraged to look favourably on their employee in this situation. The cost of the quarantine hotel is substantial and their absence from work on their return from annual leave may be disruptive.
  2. Your employee may advise you that they are intending on maintaining their plans and that they may be unable to return to work after their trip as planned. Here you have several choices. You can grant unpaid authorised leave, allow the employee to take further holiday from their entitlement or you can advise that you will treat any absence as unauthorised unpaid absence. It is unlikely that an employee who is in a quarantine hotel could work from ‘home’.
  3. Ensure you treat your employee’s fairly and consistently with how you have treated other employees in a similar situation in the pandemic. You do not want to be accused of direct discrimination.

See list of countries here.

If you have any questions regarding managing your employees in your business during the pandemic do give us a call on 01527 909436.



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