Should I advertise this role internally first?

Should I advertise this role internally first?

May 3, 2023

This is a common question we are asked as HR Consultants working with Day Nurseries, Pre-schools and Out of School Clubs.

Picture the scene you’ve had a resignation, and you know that within the current team you have the ideal candidate.

Should I advertise this role internally first, or just ‘tap’ Betty/Fred on the shoulder and tell them the good news?

It’s tough, but our advice is always to advertise the role internally and allow everyone with an interest to step forward.

Fail to do this step, and you create the potential that when Betty/Fred are appointed one or more colleagues may resent their appointment and make things difficult for them.

It promotes a feeling that all roles are open to your existing staff and avoids any concerns of decisions being taken behind closed doors or that management does not consider the staff.

It helps avoid “a them and us” scenario.

It also gives all employees a fair chance to be considered for roles in the workplace and to provide progression to your existing staff. This helps build team spirit, mutual respect and helps retention.

It promotes employee engagement to see one of their own are progress within the workplace and that peoples’ abilities do not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

When you seek internal applicants you can be as informal as to announce on a notice board that you seek applicants for the post of X and that they need to be received by Y. You can make the application process anything you like from an informal expression of interest to a full application form. There’s nothing to stop you then stopping by Betty/Fred and asking them to apply.

Struggling to recruit? We have a class on Winning at Recruiting available here.

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