Why Some People Want Their Money For Nothing

Why Some People Want Their Money For Nothing

August 27, 2016

Its a Saturday morning, and in my head I have all the great intentions of being super productive today. Unfortunately my body feels otherwise. So I have settled down at my desk and I am listening to some music on Amazon Prime. On comes Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing. What a great title for a blog I think. So here goes…

Here at Redwing Towers we take a lot of calls and emails each week from Nursery Owners and Managers fed up that they employ some staff who appear to attend work only when they want to, not when they have to; who work at 80% when they can, and only 100% when being watched; who come in late and don’t expect to make the time up.  We’re not talking about the genuine cases where people need your help. Where life has dealt them a blow and they can’t perform as they wish. This group of people are choosing how they conduct themselves. These are the Money for Nothing Crew.

So why are these people here. Well for a starter, they are not a new phenomenon. There has always been people who are half-hearted at work. In my view there are several common factors in why some people want their money for nothing.

  1. They have an attitude, a state of mind. Some people believe that they are owed. Others don’t.
  2. It’s easier to stay than leave, at some point someone else will make a decision on their employment for them. When you speak to people who are Money For Nothing, they may tell you that wouldn’t choose childcare if they had their time again. They may say, they are looking for another post and will be gone as soon as something suitable is offered. In the meantime, this is me, this is what you get. Frustrating isn’t it.
  3. Life has taught them, that underperforming is acceptable, no one is going to express disdain or disappointment to them. Maybe they have other Money For Nothing Crew in their network.
  4. They are people who don’t take responsibility for their actions, its always someone else’s fault. Your fault that they have long hours, that there are lots of elements to the role, that you have high standards. For some they want rights;  but forget that with rights comes responsibility.
  5. They believe that everything they want is their right. They want it now, not later. Perhaps they want what you have, and are jealous of you.

When we advise employers on their options with Money For Nothing Crew we look to see what’s happening and what course of action will be most suitable for the given situation. Every situation is different. Sometimes the employer needs to have what we call an ‘honesty conversation’; some times these are hard for the Money For Nothing Crew member to hear, no one has ever been so honest with them before. Sometimes the employer needs to commence formal action as this is what the employee understands.

If we can assist you with your Money For Nothing Crew and help you turn negative attitudes to positive ones, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01527 909436 or email

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