It took a stick to shift it from the toilet bowl

It took a stick to shift it from the toilet bowl

February 1, 2017

You have to love social media. Some days when I read the daily round up of posts from Early Years’ Managers one post will stick out as you can picture the scene that led to the manager posting it.

Today’s one that did just that. It was about a Pre-school first thing this morning where the staff had discovered the biggest poo they had ever seen left in the church hall toilets over night. They had to use a large stick in the bowl to see it off.  You’re got a mental image of that now haven’t you?

It got me thinking about the jobs you do in Early Years that are not on the Job Description and why Job Descriptions matter – alot!

Some years ago no one wanted to use Job Descriptions as they feared if they missed something out, then the staff might turn round and say, “sorry it’s not in my job description.”

In truth one of the most useful documents you can have in Early Years’ setting is the Job Description. The Job Description is your best friend. With one you have outlined your expectations for the job holder in performing their duties. They can’t say after receiving a Job Description:

” I didn’t know I was responsible for that?”

” I am not sure you have told me that my role involves this?”

They can still say; “I don’t like doing X”, or “I am pregnant and no longer prepared to do Y”.

Often when managing someone in the probationary period, there is a risk that if you tell them that they are not performing as you expect, they could turn round and say, “well what do you expect?”. With a Job Description, written before you met the post holder, you confidently say, “just this”.

So if you are thinking we don’t have Job Descriptions or ours are so old they still use the term Birth to Three, now’s the time to get them out and make it a priority to bring them up to date. If you need help with these, just ask, you know where we are.

And remember, the last point on the Job Description, “Any other duty, as deemed reasonable by the employer,” It does cover ridding the toilet bowl of the largest poo in England. I am only glad the mobile phones were safely in the lockers and there is no photo evidence!

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