Inhouse vs Outsourced HR Support – An honest review

Inhouse vs Outsourced HR Support – An honest review

July 15, 2022

We thought it would be useful to provide you with an honest review of the differences between inhouse versus outsourced HR support. Having an outsourced solution provider is increasingly popular but it is always a good idea to compare the two and decide what is best your business.

In-House HR SupportOutsourced HR Support
Part of the team and the culture In-House HR Support can be embedded into your culture and have a greater awareness of your processes and commercial insight.Access to wider pool of qualified experienced and professional support Outsourced HR Support have usually experienced every HR issue going, they ensure you are legally compliant providing updates to you as the law changes.   When employing In-House HR Support, depending on the level you have recruited, their experience could be limited, and they may have limited exposure to more complex cases or specialist areas.  
On site access Employees have the option of dropping in to see your HR Support to speak to about any concerns, enabling you to keep ahead of any issues that may be bubbling.Flexible cost-effective approach Choose from paying for ad hoc support when needed or a retained basis for peace of mind that you can pick up the phone whenever you have a query, no matter how trivial.   A lot cheaper than a permanent head.  As well as the salary, benefits, and employers NI contributions, for an In-House HR Support, you may also need to cover professional subscription fees, subscription fees to HR services so they can keep up to date with legal changes etc.  
Coaching and support for managers Working directly with managers on a daily basis provides an opportunity to coach and support them to adapt to the company needs at short notice.  Cover available for all year No holiday cover to think about!  Cover is provided all year long
Communication and Engagement With in house HR support, they are there to support when landing messages and to remind you to communicate and when more engagement such as a forum for example may be required.Fresh set of eyes Business owners can struggle to see things that are obvious or what is needed for their business as they are in the thick of it every day.  An Outsourced HR Support can offer you direct, objective, and unbiased opinions.  
 Time saving Leaves you free to focus on operational and business development areas  
 Sector / Business insight An Outsourced HR Support will be working with a variety of clients and can share with you the ways of working, different approaches on policies and share experience of what works and what doesn’t work.  

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