Help, my apprentice has resigned

Help, my apprentice has resigned

July 5, 2022

One of the common issues that happen every year is that an apprentice has resigned before the end of their apprenticeship. Common reasons given are that they have decided that childcare is not for them, or they haven’t made progress with their qualification.

When an apprentice resigns the temptation is to want to deduct the cost encurred by the Day Nursery under the apprentice co-funding arrangement where the Day Nursery receives 95% of the cost of the apprenticeship but has to fund 5%.

This amount cannot be deducted from an apprentice. The regulations that set out how employers must treat co-funding is set out in the Apprentice Funding document.

When your apprentice resigns there are few steps you should take as they are an apprentice:

  1. Make sure you have informed the training provider. Never assume the apprentice has done this.
  2. Thank the team for all they have done to support the apprentice as they may be feeling that it was wasted effort.
  3. Make sure you acknowledge the resignation in writing, the apprentice may need to be told to return Company equipment and uniform before their last payroll.
  4. Carry out an exit interview if it was a surprise that they are resigning, what can you learn as a setting moving forward?

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