Employment Relationships have changed

Employment Relationships have changed

April 20, 2024

I talk a lot about the changing employment relationship because its an area that fascinates me. As you may know I turned 50 last March and I find myself increasingly thinking about how things were “different in my day”. You know you are old when that sentence comes out of your mouth, I can tell you!

The workplace has changed and so has the relationships

Let’s look at the first part of that. Workplaces have changed. When I entered the workplace in the late 80’s the world of work was different. Afterall we still had uniforms that were ‘A line’ skirts for women and only men could wear trousers. In those days managers were treated with some reserve. We knew our place. You definitely didn’t consider your manager as your mate. One of the issues we see these days is when we are spoken to by our younger employees is that we often think, “Crikey, I wouldn’t have spoken to my manager like that in my day!”

And here lies one of the problems?

One of the solutions to managing the employment relationship in 2024 is to recognise that times have changed, and people have changed and it is not the same as it was when you were their age. With acceptance that it is different comes an acceptance that no one is to blame.

When we stop comparing, apples to oranges we can relax and to recognise the new reality.

So what does Generation Z want from the employment relationship?

They definitely want to be treated as an equal. They value relationships where they can speak and be heard and expect a say. They want to know they have options for their future. They want a career pathway that is communicated to them. They fear being held back as they are more concerned about their futures than the millennials who entered the workplace before them did. They can appear uber competitive and may due to their style ‘rub an older generation’ up the wrong way where no offense was intended.

If you don’t see the difference as a negative you can look to see the positives

If a employment relationship is build on transparency, candour and the ability to speak and be heard surely the relationship will have smoother transactions.

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