Don’t forget to re-enrol workers into your pension scheme

Don’t forget to re-enrol workers into your pension scheme

May 23, 2020

Every three years you must put certain staff who have left your pension scheme back into it. This is called re-enrolment, sometimes automatic re-enrolment or cyclical re-enrolment.

To comply with the requirements of the Pensions Regulator firms must put the staff who have left the scheme back in and complete re-declaration of compliance to show you have met your duties every three years.

They recommend you undertake your re-enrolment duties on the thurs anniversary of your staging date.

Here’s a video from the Pensions Regulator that explains it.


You will need to re-enrol eigible workers who have previously stopped making contributions or who opted out more than 12 months before your re-enrolment date.

You don’t have to re-enrol employees who have resigned (served you with notice) or that you have dismissed (served them with notice). Once you have worked out who you need to re-enrol you need to put them back into the pension scheme within 6 weeks of your re-enrolment date.

If you have eligible staff to automatically re-enrol you must write to them within six weeks of your chosen re-enrolment date. You only need to write to the staff affected by re-enrolment. Your pension provider will have templates for you to download from their website.

Don’t forget to re-enrol otherwise you may face a fine from the Pensions Regulator.

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