Christmas Party; How to prevent the unthinkable happening?

Christmas Party; How to prevent the unthinkable happening?

December 3, 2021

If like many others you are planning your Christmas Party, there are a few things you may want to consider to ensure that the worst doesn’t happen at your get together.

Here’s some top tips:

  • Think about where you chose to book. Is it an appropriate venue for the business and will it result in people feeling that they have been indirectly left out. For example, a steakhouse that doesn’t serve any vegetarian options.
  • Never insist someone attends. Christmas is a Christian holiday and you should never make someone feel uncomfortable for not wanting to celebrate a festival they may not share.
  • Make sure that expectations are set in advance of the event. Using a staff meeting or newsletter to set out your expectations for the evening is a good way to remind people that their actions on the night must not damage the brand or bring the employer into disrepute.
  • Avoid the credit card behind the bar scenario. Free booze has cost many an employer more than a hefty credit card bill! You can be vicariously liable for the state your employees get into.
  • Watch out for any under 18’s who attend. They should not be drinking and definitely not at your expense.
  • Allocate someone to be watching what’s going on and spot any signs that it’s getting out of hand.
  • Getting home. Make sure this has been considered and that your staff don’t take unnecessary risks. This is best considered when booking your venue in the first place.
  • The morning after. If it’s a work day, what is going to be your expectations for the staff? Perhaps it would be best if the following day was a weekend as someone may have posted on social media that they have been on a Christmas Party and whether they were drinking or not, your customers may see this and form negative impressions.
  • If you do have a ‘mid-week bash’, make sure there are plenty of non alcoholic drinks on offer and food. Make sure the staff know that disciplinary action will be taken if staff have overindulged.
  • Finally enjoy the celebration! You deserve it too!

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