Overcoming the fear of introducing KPIs

Key Performance Indicators Nurseries

Introduction In the dynamic world of small business management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are like the compass that guides ships through murky waters. They offer clear, actionable insights that can help you steer your business towards success. However, for many small business managers, understanding and implementing KPIs can seem daunting. This guide aims to demystify […]

The Influence of Social Media Backlash: Lessons from Kyte Baby’s Controversy

In today’s digital era, the impact of social media on a company’s reputation has never been more significant. The recent controversy surrounding Kyte Baby, a renowned baby clothing company, highlights how negative attention on social media can sully a brand’s image and affect its financial standing. The public scrutiny began when allegations emerged about the […]

Where a flexible working request is made too far in advance?

We recently had a call from a Nursery Manager asking about flexible working.  An employee was due to go on maternity leave and had requested flexible working as she intended to return in 9 months’ time. The Nursery Manager was concerned, that while the employee had the right to make this request that neither the […]

Mouse-Related Work Refusals: A Reasonable Approach

In a recent incident at a Day Nursery, employees refused to work upon discovering a mouse on the premises, raising questions about the reasonableness of such actions. This article delves into the complexities of this issue, considering employee fears, health and safety regulations, and practical workplace requirements. Understanding Employee Concerns The fear of mice, or […]

The importance of the right of appeal in a disciplinary

In the realm of employment in the UK, the concept of fairness and justice plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to disciplinary actions and grievances. The appeal against a disciplinary outcome is central to this concept. The right to an appeal is embedded in the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance […]

Employing individuals on international student visas to work in your Day Nursery

international students

As an Early Years employer tapping into the diverse talent pool of international students can bring numerous advantages to your setting. However, employing international students can also bring risks if you do not have the necessary right to work procedures in place or if you breach the terms of their visa. Increases in fines from […]

Help, the staff are kissing the children

nursery staff kissing children

We hear this one from time to time. Not because parents have expressed concern, normally because colleagues or management have raised it with us and asked how it should be addressed. So what do we mean by kissing? This can be where a child plants a kiss on the cheek of the practitioner, often at […]

The reliance on the non verbal communication

Rise of non verbal communication

We were talking in the office the other day about a 16 year old ‘dumping’ his then girlfriend by text. Now it’s been 25 years since I was in the dating game, and phones were in their infancy then, but I am glad to say I have never ‘dumped’ or been ‘dumped’ by text. For […]

Are you aware of transferable risk?

transferable risk

We often find Early Years employers are confused about transferable risk. In looking at the KCISE (which is not mandatory in private day nurseries, only maintained ones) its worth noting what its says about transferable risk. Remember the thresholds for LADO are: Behaved in a way that has harmed a child, or may have harmed […]

The real risk of presenteeism in our settings


We speak often both in person and from stages around the UK on the subject of absenteeism. Every setting that we support has a tale to tell about an employee’s absence. But what about it’s less well known brother, “presenteeism”. Presenteeism is where an employee is present at work when they shouldn’t be and often […]

Why should all Day Nurseries display their Core Values?

core values in a day nursery

At the heart of every successful Day Nursery lies a set of Core Vlues that shape its culture and defines its identity. These core values not only guide the conduct of the nursery staff but also serve as a compass for parents, educators, and the children. Here are some compelling reasons why having core values […]

Preference for leadership styles for different generations?

Situational Leadership

For some time I have wondered whether there is any link between someone’s generation (i.e. when they were born) and their preference for any particular style of leadership. It is generally conceded that there are four main leadership styles; autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire and a combination of the first three. It’s important to note that individual […]

Culture of kindness

We often here moans from managers about how ungrateful team members can be. It’s sad but it’s not limited to Early Years. All too often people don’t think about the feelings of others and we lack what we describe as a culture of kindness. Whilst it’s alarming to note the decrease in kindness shown by […]

What we communicate matters

We have a phrase in our family. “Lead with Sorry”. It means that before you start explaining why you did X or Y you should start with acknowledging the feelings of others and say a meaningful sorry. Sadly it feels that all too often we fail to recognise our mistakes and communicate arrogance rather than […]

The Importance of Retaining HR Documentation

For many businesses, the meticulous task of retaining HR documentation might seem like a secondary priority. With everything going on in the bustling workplace environment, who has time to file away every individual email and piece of paper? However, the significance of these records reaches far beyond mere paperwork. Here’s a concise look at why […]

The value of the welfare chat

welfare meeting

We often get asked as HR Consultants how to approach a given situation where the employer knows that the employee needs to chat with them, except for whatever reason the employee is not asking for this. The Welfare Meeting as a useful mechanism for the employer and employee to be able to sit down together […]

Employing a child to work in your Early Years setting

employing children in day nurseries and clubs

It feels like every June/July we are approached by Day Nurseries or Holiday Clubs enquiring about how to employ someone under the age of 16 to work. As you might expect, employing a child isn’t as straight forward as employing a young worker, and employing a young worker isn’t as straightforward as employing an adult. […]

Don’t be caught by scams in your Day Nursery

scams in nurseries

I distinctly remember the conversation. I’d met up with a fellow HR Consultant for coffee back in the early days of my business. We were chatting away when she took a call from one of her clients who operated a business that provided catering services to schools. They had become victims of a huge scam. […]

Understanding Deed Poll

Changing your name via Deed Poll Early years childcare and nurseries

In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s not uncommon for employees to undergo personal changes, including altering their names via deed poll. In fact an employee can go by any name they like, and do not have to follow a legal process to start using a new name. However an employee would need a ‘deed poll’ […]

Getting caught up in the moment is not an excuse!

There’s much being written about the assault on Jenni Hermoso by Luis Rubiales at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final last Sunday. I use the word assault because that is what it was. A man has kissed a woman on the lips forceably and she has stated it was without her consent. She has been […]

Help! Have I had a staff member commit theft?

All workplaces experience theft. It appears to also have happened recently in the British Musuem so why should the rest of us be exempt. In this article we will cover what employers need to consider when managing an allegation that staff theft has occurred. “The mystery of the bowl of soup and the 50p” Some […]

Harnessing AI in your Early Years Business

We encourage you to sign up to attend our zoom event on ‘Harnessing AI in your Early Years Business’ on September 12th, to see how you can effectively implement it into your setting.

The importance of the Model Release

In the digital age, capturing and sharing photographs and videos have become commonplace in various industries, including early years education. However, when working with young children, it is essential to navigate the legal and ethical considerations surrounding model releases carefully. A model release is an agreement between a photographer and the people depicted. Used in […]

Elevating Your Nursery: The Importance of Becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’

Employer of Choice

In the competitive landscape of Early Years and Childcare, nursery managers and owners must strive not only to create a welcoming, nurturing environment for the children in their care but also to build a team that is happy, committed, and skilled. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by becoming an ‘Employer of […]

Managing the impact of teacher’s strike action on your setting

Over recent months we are aware of a number of dates where teachers who are members of NEU have been or will be on strike. So what does this mean for day nurseries, pre-schools and out of school clubs? Well they may be impacted in several ways. 1. Staff are unable to attend work as […]

Handling requests for time off at Eid

employment law time off day nurseries, preschools eid

Over the past few weeks we have seen lots of requests for advice where an employer is struggling to accommodate requests from their staff for time off at Eid. Many of these concerns are from Pre-school Leaders who have all of their annual leave fixed for in school holidays, and Eid falls in term time. […]