The value of candid conversations

The value of candid conversations

April 20, 2024

In today’s dynamic workplaces, the art of communication is more than mere exchanges of information. Among the different forms of dialogue that can occur between managers and their reports every day, candid conversations stand out as pivotal tools for fostering a culture of trust and transparency. These open exchanges, where colleagues feel empowered to express their true thoughts and feelings, are not just beneficial; they are essential for a healthy workplace. We used to talk about honesty conversations but they can be judgemental which is not something a manager if wanting to sustain employment relationships in the modern age.

Why have candid conversations?

Engaging in candid conversations can lead to better problem-solving, increased innovation, and stronger relationships. This foundational aspect of communication not only helps in smoothing over potential conflicts but also in building a resilient and adaptable organisational structure. As all businesses continue to navigate complex challenges, the ability to converse candidly provides a critical pathway towards sustaining growth and harmony in the workplace.

When to have candid conversations?

From time to time something will occur in the workplace where the best advice you can give yourself is to hold a candid conversation. This can include circumstances where you have an employee who is underperforming, where there has been an incident or accident at work, where their has been a customer complaint.

What do you need to have a candid conversation?

Candid conversations require trust above all else. They also require that both parties in the conversation understand and appreciate what the aims of the conversation are. If these are not clear then one of the parties will need to communicate those aims before the conversation gets started. Honesty comes a close third. Parties in a candid conversation need to be honest. This will not be possible where a ‘blame culture’ exists.

How to conduct a candid conversation?

  1. Ask permission.
  2. Be vulnerable
  3. Show compassion
  4. Keep to facts
  5. Be honest.
  6. Actively listen.
  7. Be open in what you say and in your body language
  8. Reinforce your values.

What difference does a candid conversation have?

Being candid can make the difference to whether an employment relationship is successful or not. Where employees feel that they can not be ‘themselves’ at work, they will act. If they act, they may not be truthful. Lack of truthfulness can lead to lack of trust. Without trust you have no employment relationship. Candid conversations reinforce that this workplace is psychologically safe. Where everyone can work towards a common aim. Where weaknesses can surface and be responded to in a structured, no blame way.

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