How to fairly manage holiday requests

Holiday requests

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on the way we plan for and take holidays from work. Now that we are relatively free to travel again, it’s likely that you might soon face a scenario where lots of staff all want to take leave at the same time. But how should you […]

Are you going to be giving an extra Bank Holiday in 2022?

Extra Bank Holiday 2002

The tree is up and the Secret Santa has been decided. With that in mind its a good idea for employers to give thought to next year’s holiday. You will need to possibly look at your contracts of employment to tell whether you will be paying for an additional holiday in 2022 or whether you […]

What should we do when staff want time off for childcare?

Time off due to Childcare

It’s not at all uncommon for staff to be unable to come to work due to their children being off school. Even this week we are hearing of children being told that they are not to attend school but instead will learn remotely due to the rising numbers of Coronavirus infections in their area. If […]

Christmas Party; How to prevent the unthinkable happening?

Christmas Party

If like many others you are planning your Christmas Party, there are a few things you may want to consider to ensure that the worst doesn’t happen at your get together. Here’s some top tips: Think about where you chose to book. Is it an appropriate venue for the business and will it result in […]

What if I have an employee intending to travel to a red list country?

The latest news is that six countries have been placed back on the red list of countries where a return to England from these six countries means compulsory quarantine for travellers. This may impact your business if you have employees who are currently overseas or who plan to be overseas during the festive period. It […]

Ideas to consider for employee wellbeing in Early Years

Ideas to consider for employee wellbeing

“If you want staff to be nurturing then you need to nurture them” Simple ideas such as a wellbeing basket (including deodorant, tampons mouthwash etc.) or anonymous staff suggestion boxes can be nice additions to a working environment. However, a deeper understanding of the importance of employee wellbeing and creating a culture where talking is […]

Ideas to tackle staff lateness

Ideas to tackle lateness

Repeated lateness by a staff member can be so disruptive to a setting and the functioning of the team.  It’s a good idea to address the issue before it continues, or worse, it starts to be seen as accepted behaviour, and others start to be late too. Before you act, just take a moment to […]

Managing the risk of a dismissed employee claiming they have whistleblown

Dismissed employee claiming they have whistleblown

We’ve known for some time that employees who whistleblow are able to claim that they have made a protected disclosure. They are entitled not to suffer a detriment as a consequence of raising a protected disclosure about their workplace. The detriment might be the right not to be dismissed or to suffer a detriment such […]

Supporting staff in Early Years with their IVF journey

IVF Journey

In recent years more and more employees have been grateful that their employers have a IVF Policy, clearly setting out what they can expect if they start fertility treatment during their employment. IVF itself is a common and yet much understood workplace issue and one that needs Line Manager’s to be both supportive yet consistent […]

How can I stop them wanting to kill each other!

staff not getting along

Recently I was having a chat with a Day Nursery Owner who was asking whether it was them or whether there was something in the air with nursery personnel in general. Intrigued I asked her what she meant and was told, “I don’t know what to do it’s like they want to fooking kill each […]

Why investigating claims of misconduct in your setting is a good idea

Claims of misconduct

A thorough investigation into alleged misconduct can go a long way towards mitigating risks and establishing the appropriate steps for the employer to take in terms of the employee, policies, procedures and third parties. This is especially true in the following circumstances: where the employee might be dismissed and then claim unfair dismissal. where you […]

COVID-19 SSP Rebate Scheme is Closing 30 September 21

COVID 19 SSP Rebate Scheme

The COVID -19 SSP Rebate Scheme was put in place in May 2020 to ensure that those who needed to self isolate are able to be paid SSP from day 1 of their absence (as long as they were off for 4 days) rather than only receive SSP from day 4.  The rebate scheme also […]

So what happens if we can’t authorise leave due to the pandemic?

Holiday requests

We are now in full on holiday season. You only have to look on social media to see that many people are already away with some lucky things even being abroad! However, as well as being in late summer, we are also in a global pandemic with no sign that the virus has gone. But […]

Can I make staff take the vaccine?

Can we make it a requirement that staff are vaccinated in our Day Nursery?

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory. Individuals can choose when they take the offer of a vaccine or not. The fear is forcing individuals to have the vaccine will result in claims of discrimination in the courts. Popular claims we feel will be in the areas of: Disability discrimination Culture Government has had to introduce […]

Should we use Facebook to vet potential new employees?

Vetting potential employees on Facebook

It can be tempting to look for potential new employees on Facebook and other social media platforms before making a job offer? People have so much of their lives online these days. However if you are going to vet them by looking at their online presence its only fair that you tell them that this […]

How do you address staff absence due to childcare?

Absence due to childcare

Working parents taking time off to be at home with sick children is nothing new. However, we are all short staffed and with the pandemic not over it is often children who are self isolating as they have contracted COVID-19. Time off for Family Emergencies Circumstances that may give rise to needing unpaid time off […]

Can we relax in our Nursery now Freedom Day has come and gone in England

Freedom Day

Like an Olympic diver on the 10m board, COVID-19 cases seem to be taking a significant dive. Freedom Day (19th July) has come and gone. The possibility of 100,000 cases or more a day remain just that, a possibility. The news reports are of declining numbers day on day. So, considering all this and August […]

Why we should know our Labour Turnover rate in Early Years

Labour turnover rate

Labour Turnover rates impact so many aspects of a business. But relatively few employers calculate their labour turnover rate and set in place actions to improve it. Labour Turnover is the rate in which a employer ‘turns over’ its workforce. Its the rate of attrition. Here’s our online calculator to find out your labour turnover. […]

Using a probationary period in your Day Nursery, Pre-school and Club

Probationary period

I don’t think I can say it enough times, probationary periods are very useful. They may not be employment law, but in terms of HR, we always find that it’s better to have one than not. Since the introduction of the Good Work Plan its been important to include in the contract of employment whether […]

10 Redundancy Pitfalls and how to avoid them in your Day Nursery, Pre-school or Club

Redundancy pitfalls

With the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough) changing from 1st July (employers are not able to claim 80% only 70% and will have to pay the 10% themselves) more and more employers who have continued to use furlough will be considering restructuring and redundancies. So what are the redundancy pitfalls and how do you avoid […]

How much notice does a Nursery Manager give who is on maternity leave?

Maternity leave

A common grumble we hear is when someone doesn’t want any contact from their employer during maternity leave. As human beings we can be confused that someone isn’t talking to us about their intentions. On a human level its perfectly reasonable to be affected by this and to feel saddened. But from an employment perspective […]

Recontracting employees to work from home on a permanent basis

work from home

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, we have seen increasing number of employees work from home effectively. Some employers are now wanting to formalise this arrangement going forward. Ask yourselves a big question? Does it suit the business with achieving its objectives? Before you do finalise home working just pause and think does this […]

Can I take you out sometime?

Can I take you out sometime

Is there love in the air? I was reading with interest the other weekend how people had reacted with suspicion when a note was left on a driver’s car windscreen expressing that the writer thought they were lovely and were they single. Now I get it that it’s a bit odd. Perhaps the writer would […]

Handling our stress to keep a better work life balance

Work Life balance

One thing that the last 15 months has taught us all is that there is more to life than work. So how can we handle our stress to keep a better work life balance. We should work to live, not live to work. It’s not been easy for many people who are employed in busy […]

Do you know how Furlough changes over the coming months?

Employment law changes

I spent Sunday in A&E with my Mum. You see all of life in an A&E reception waiting room. There was one extremely loud lady who had had a fall down the stairs 10 days previously and thought today was the day she ought to seek advice from the doctors, on a busy Sunday on […]

EU Settlement Status Q&A

EU Settlement Status

What is the EU Settlement Scheme? The EU Settlement Scheme allows people to get the immigration status they need to continue to live, work and study in the UK beyond 30th June 2021. Who should apply? Except in a few cases, EEA (EEA countries are EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Swiss citizens, […]

How common is Class A drug use in our Day Nurseries?

How common is drug use

This is the second time we’ve written about drug use in Nurseries. Back in April 2017 we wrote about how common it was for staff to smoke cannabis. Now we need to face another ‘elephant in the room’. We all know that many people in society take Class A drugs recreationally. If the percentages are […]