What do you do if someone calls in sick following the Christmas Party?

Christmas Party

Many organisations like to celebrate with a Christmas party or meal with colleagues. Often the employer will either host the event, be responsible for organising it, or pay for certain parts of it. Ideally the day following a Christmas Party will be a non-working day, but for many organisations that is not possible and some […]

How menopause policies could help you to reduce tribunal risk


OK, so I’m convinced. Previously when asked whether menopause policies were a good idea, my reaction would be Oh My Days! where does this all end? Time of the Month Policy? However when I looked into it and realised that employees were winning tribunals because they had been dismissed it made me change my mind.  […]

When an employee is accused of a crime

An employee’s association with criminal activity has the potential to damage your reputation. It can mean that you are put under pressure by colleagues to address the employee, your customers can find out and you can get negative press. In some cases the employee may pose a threat to your other staff and your operation. […]

When does the unwanted attention of a colleague become harassment?

harassment by email

From time to time, people meet at work. Hey, me and Mr Edmunds met at work, and his first attempt to get my attention was as a footer to an email. Sadly some people use email to harass colleagues who have already advised the other party that they are not interested. For employers this is […]

Time off for personal appointments

What do you do if an employee suddenly informs in the middle of their shift, without notice, that they need to go out to a doctors appointment in an hours time? Or any other personal appointment? What about a midwife appointment? It’s not a personal appointment but surely if it’s a pregnant employee, they have […]

Why having a social media group for your setting may not be a good idea

Social Media Groups

We are often advised by business gurus that the benefits of employee communication using social media out way the disadvantages. Set up a closed or secret Facebook group they say, use WhatsApp for chat is the cry. They try and convince us that the staff will feel connected, that employee communication will be enhanced, and […]

10 Tips for Effective Communication

We are thinking about communication today as we prepare for a workshop in 2 weeks time.  We often talk about talking and the importance of getting our points across. But when we are communicating its really important that we listen. Learning to listen can be an obvious skill but not easy one. Often when we […]

Why its not a good idea to be too specific with a job title

When we contract new starters, and don’t forget from next April we will probably lose the 8 week window and have to contract and issue a written statement of terms and conditions before someone starts, its very tempting to use a specific and narrow job title. In some circumstances we may have encouraged you to […]


Commencing on 5 May 2019, Ramadan is an important part of the Islamic faith involving a period of fasting during daylight hours. We recommend you consider how these commitments could affect workplace performance and how you can support Muslim employees during this time. Abstaining from eating or drinking during daylight hours can take its toll […]

Payslip Changes – What employers need to know

Background The government has introduced some changes to the legal requirements of the trusty payslip and these changes came into force on 6th April 2019. Payslips can be confusing enough at the best of times and can lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding which can result in negativity. No one likes to think that their payslip is […]

What does a change in Disqualification by Association mean for my setting?

On 1st September 2018 the Childcare Act 2006 was amended to remove the requirement for staff working in schools and with young people from being “disqualified by association” if they live with anyone who would otherwise be barred from working with children. We understand this was because it was felt that the move was not […]

Knowing when to let it go…

wait disciplinary action

Sometimes I have to tell my clients to Let It Go. It may sound like a Frozen theme tune, but from time to time we all need to listen to those words. We all need to know when to Let It Go. Let me explain. As a Manager or Business Owner its very easy to feel […]

What do we mean by Performance Management?

When we think about performance management, we tend to think of the annual appraisal process to ensure that targets have been met throughout the year, and set goals for the following  twelve months in line with organisational strategies and goals. However, this is becoming a somewhat more stagnant approach. Although the idea of an annual […]